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A passion for structural wood products
since 1977!

Clyvanor has been manufacturing prefabricated wood structures since 1977. Originally, our plant was dedicated exclusively to manufacturing wood roof trusses for the local market. However, the market’s growing needs quickly prompted the Clyvanor team to invest in creating a line of wood floor trusses. In order to further expand our product line and offer an even more complete package, we made subsequent investments to secure a place in the growing prefabricated wall panels market.

Clyvanor: Recognized expertise, unparalleled custom-built products

Clyvanor products are now widely available in local and international markets alike. Our team of meticulous technicians and engineers use advanced software to create exceptional roof trusses, floor trusses, and prefabricated panel walls for all your construction projects, no matter how simple or complex. Having three products available under one roof means fast and efficient construction!

Our customized wood components exceed the construction industry’s strictest standards and are sure to meet all your requirements. We work with superior quality dried wood for guaranteed stability and performance. Our cutting edge plant offers high production capacity and enables us to deliver your wood structures on schedule and according to all of your specifications.

Because at Clyvanor, customer satisfaction is our top priority!
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