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Roof trusses made to your specifications–no matter how simple or detailed!

Our superior quality dried wood roof trusses provide guaranteed stability and performance for any commercial, residential, multi-residential, or institutional project.
Clyvanor roof trusses offer the following advantages:

  • Flexibility and versatility

    • Wide, open spans give designers total freedom.
    • Partitions are easy to move without altering the basic structure, making vaulted ceilings a breeze to install.
    • We can provide spans of up to 24 meters (80 feet) in agricultural and commercial buildings.
    • Our roof trusses are versatile and compatible with other structural products including other roof trusses made of wood, steel, or brickwork.

  • Performance

    • Our prefabricated roof trusses eliminate construction problems at the site, and our continuous quality control mechanisms at the plant allow us to build roof trusses to your exact dimensions to ensure the building’s structural integrity.
    • Clyvanor trusses provide excellent thermal characteristics and large spaces that are easy to insulate.
    • The design of each roof truss is individually analyzed and optimized to exceed code requirements. Clyvanor quality standards go above and beyond industry standards.

  • Excellent cost/performance ratio

    • Our trusses are lightweight so they are easy to transport, handle, and install.
    • Roof trusses arrive on site ready for installation, which significantly reduces construction time and often eliminates the need for specialized workers.

When deadlines are tight…
When you’re having trouble executing the design at the site…
When your project requires true professional expertise…

Trust Clyvanor–the wood structure expert!

We offer technical assistance upon request. Plus, we always include a detailed installation plan with our shipments
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