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Prefabricated wood panels
to add the finishing
touch to your project!

At Clynavor, not only do we offer wood floor and roof trusses,
we can also design prefabricated wood wall panels.
Clyvanor is a premium supplier of custom wood structures for
all your residential, multi-residential, commercial,
or institutional projects.
Clyvanor prefabricated wall panels offer the following advantages:

  • Our wall panels are much more cost effective and accurate than those built using traditional construction methods.
  • Installation time is minimized for effective and realistic deadline management.
  • Clyvanor prefabricated wall panels are built in-factory using the best materials, equipment, and procedures to guarantee superior quality.
  • By minimizing material waste, we slash material costs.
  • Over the years, Clyvanor has refined many aspects of its manufacturing process to improve the quality of its walls and expedite installation at the job site.
  • Clyvanor prefabricated walls are not made from standard models, but are built to your exact specifications in order to provide a superior quality product that’s tailored to your project.

When deadlines are tight…
When you’re having trouble executing the design at the site…
When your project requires true professional expertise…

Trust Clyvanor–the wood structure expert!

We offer technical assistance upon request. Plus, we always include a detailed installation plan with our shipments.
Telephone : 418-228-7690
Toll free : 1-800-792-9717
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