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Customized floor trusses for all your projects!

Make the smart choice and build it right with Clyvanor
floor trusses. Our unique floor trusses are
specially designed and optimized to
meet your specific needs.
Clyvanor floor trusses offer designers the following advantages:

  • Our wood trusses with metal connectors are engineered to provide strength and rigidity for long spans, thereby reducing the need for bearing walls and beams.
  • Unlike the standard dimension floor trusses available on the market, Clyvanor’s wood floor truss system lets you build large spaces.
  • By using computer-assisted floor truss design and calculation tools, we can meet customers’ specific requirements to create fully customized projects.
  • Our floor trusses are proven to be able to support heavier loads. They exceed all recognized building code requirements and standards in Canada and the United States.

Advantages for contractors:
  • Our plant-prefabricated trusses are specifically designed for your project, manufactured to your exact dimensions, and delivered to the job site right on schedule. No cutting or adjusting, which reduces installation time and labor costs.
  • Spacing in the floor trusses simplifies both mechanical and electrical installation, which considerably cuts contractor costs.
  • There are no surprises or delays, because you know the exact cost of the trusses in advance.
  • Bearing items can be inserted without using steel truss hangers.
  • Our floor trusses do not require end joists.
  • Lateral bracing is very easy to install.

Advantages for owners:
  • Our plant-prefabricated wood floor trusses significantly reduce material and labor costs.
  • Prefabricated floor trusses provide uncompromising comfort and guarantee better construction by eliminating vibrations.
  • Clyvanor floor trusses are renowned for their quality and durability, which could make a real difference if you decide to sell your home.

When deadlines are tight…
When you’re having trouble executing the design at the site…
When your project requires true professional expertise…

Trust Clyvanor–the wood structure expert!

We offer technical assistance upon request. Plus, we always include a detailed installation plan with our shipments.
Telephone : 418-228-7690
Toll free : 1-800-792-9717
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